Some Teisco History from North Carolina

Between 1965 and late 1977, Teisco guitars and amplifiers could be purchased new in North Carolina stores. Among the stores carrying Teisco products were Lowe's, Rose's, KMart, Belk, Walgreens and Sky City. Teisco items could also be found in other stores that sold tv's, appliances and hardware.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Teisco E-100 from the mountains of North Carolina

     Last December I was attending my grandson's school Christmas play. I was pleasantly surprised to see one of his fellow students using this E-100 as a prop during the play. After the play ended, I walked over to speak to the young lady and her Grandmother. The guitar originally belonged to the girl's Grandfather who had bought it at a North Carolina store more than 40 years ago. The guitar had a missing string and bushing,  a loose nut and the usual dings that come with age. I loved it no matter what. The KMart in Asheville, NC still had these guitars for sale @ $32.97 as late as September 1977.