Some Teisco History from North Carolina

Between 1965 and late 1976, Teisco guitars and amplifiers could be purchased new in North Carolina stores. Among the stores carrying Teisco products were Lowe's, Rose's, KMart and Sky City. Teisco items could also be found in other stores that sold tv's, appliances and hardware.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Teisco Spectrum 5 Guitars

During the mid to late 1960's a Spectrum 5 guitar could bought off the shelf for $89 or less in stores in my area. The Spectrum 5's I saw back then in my area had ebony fretboards and either had no badge on the headstock or they had the Teisco crown badge. The last new one I saw in the early 1970's had a $45 price tag on it. The Spectrum 5 was the "Cadillac" of Teisco guitars.